Stoney Cove sunset


Beautiful scenery at Leicestershire's Stoney Cove.

Nemo's bar and diner just provided a wonderful cheeseburger, nice night… :o)


Half Price Children


I was looking through some old photos, and came across this.. I think I took it somewhere in Southern Ireland. Perhaps this should have been proof-read first!

Lightning XS458 High Speed Run Advert

Recently a professionally edited advert for our experience days has been published to YouTube. David Taylor has done a sterling job of putting together this immaculate short video which captures the excitement of a day at Cranfield!

The experiences can be bought as a High-Speed Runway Run in the right hand seat, or attendance as a Photographer. Photographers can be positinoed near to the runway for close-up high speed shots!

The days allow all guests to get up close and personal with the aircraft and crew, and usually feature 2x Runs, one either side of an included buffet lunch! So even if you’ve had your run in the morning, you get to witness the afternoon run as a bonus!

All bookings can be made via the website:

Enjoy David’s video:

I’m chuffed, as I’m in the video marshalling the aircraft!