Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Finally after years of seeing this iconic cover in my local Video rental shop (yes in this “Day and Blu-Ray-Age” they still have VHS Videos!) and never having the opportunity to rent it, I got to watch it last night in my cabin on the oil rig for the first time. And I loved it! It would have helped to have been a bit intoxicated with alcohol I believe, sadly oil-rigs are no-drink zones.. But I really enjoyed the film, never the less! It was fascinating to see inside the world of drugs, and look through the eyes of the most paranoid and hallucinating junkie…

Image from: www.poster.net

New wheels for the Astra GTE

After my unlucky journey where I lost 2 tyres, I took it as an opportunity to fit some more sensible wheels! So a bit of emergency eBay and forum hunting, I located a set if Speedline Alessios, unfortunately located in Braintree, Essex…. I drove down in my wife’s car to collect them, and was home by midnight… next task is to sell my 17″ wheels.

The seller had in has garage one if the most amazing mk2 Astra GTE’s I’ve ever seen. C20LET engine, very nicely restored body, fresh parts and paint… it was stunning, and a privilege to have a look round.

He’d attended the Billing VBOA (Vauxhall Bedford Owners Association) rally this year, and said there were only 12 mk2 Astra GTE’s at the show! Getting very rare these days…

Thunder City Aircraft For Sale… Lightnings, Hunters and Buccaneers


Well it's been a sad last year or so for Capetown's Thunder City, and now the aircraft are up for sale.


Hopefully their next owners / owner will operate them with as much professionalism as Thunder City did.

Pailton Baby Farm – surprise Pram Museum!

My expecting wife and I visited the Baby Farm at Pailton… it’s not
exactly as it sounds, I’m sure if you could buy babies from a farm, many ladies would be happy to not go through child birth! The baby farm is actually a shop for toys, prams, baby clothes etc…

Anyway, we didn’t find what we went for, maternity clothes, but we DID discover an amazing museum tucked away upstairs in one if the barns… a museum of the history if prams!

The collection includes John Lennon’s and Prince Charles’s Prams!

It was fascinating, a great private collection, made publicly viewable! I applaud you, the baby farm!

Pram Mueum Official Website

Broken down :o(

After a great day at Cranfield working on Lightning XS458, I had a troublesome journey home…

On the M1 I felt some vibration through the steering, so pulled into the nearest services, and inflated my tires. Upon inflation of the rear left, it made a funny creaking noise… looked behind it and found it was literally splitting open in front of my eyes! So I fitted the spare and carried on…

Then the front right blew-out about 10 miles later near the next services (A45)! Damn Damn Damn… ran out of spare wheels…

To cheer myself up, I walked to the services and got some food.