Fixing a leaky kettle

Trying to find the leak is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!


Stripped the outer jacket off, it’s a well insulated kettle, and a good design.


Found the leak was caused by a build-up of Limescale around the heater plate silicone seal:

Snowboard Servicing in my Shed

Tonight, I helped out my good friend Beany, and showed him how to service his Snowboard… He's off on his wintery honeymoon soon, so getting his board prepared was essential!

We sharpened the edges, cleaned off the old wax, repaired holes and scuffs, and gave it a good wax and polish!

Traditional Christmas Turkey from Fosse Meadows Farm

We just picked our free-range, hand reared turkey up from the delightful Nick and Jacob of Fosse Meadows Farm in Frolesworth.

We wouldn’t go anywhere else now for a Turkey, their birds are fantastic and they have even converted my Vegetarian father to a Meat-Eater on Christmas Day!

Their Christmas Turkeys are hand reared for 6 months (slow grown), on a free range farm in the heart of the Midlands.



Free mulled wine and chestnuts on the BBQ!