Raspberry Pi – released! 29-Feb-2012

One of the worlds smallest, and cheapest computers is arriving! It’s very exciting!

At roughly £22.00 GBP, it’s going to sell like hot-cakes!

Raspberry Pi

It’s primary goal is to encourage people to learn how to code, however it’s a fantastic basis for a very low budget media centre, using the Ethernet connection to network storage, or locally using the SD card. It’s operating system is Fedora (version of Linux) http://fedoraproject.org/

It has a CSI connection for a camera, so another aplication may be a low budget IP CCTV camera!

Video: Robert Mullins, Co-Founder of Raspberry Pi explains how it works:

Avaliable to pre-order and purchase from: RS components and Farnell

Images of the Computer I’ve shamelessly grabbed from the BBC, Farnell and RS:


Operating system: 

SD card

Power supply:
5V via micro USB socket

2x USB
HDMI out
Composite video out
Stereo audio out
Other I/O connections from header

Looking forward to buying one and using it… Perfect music player for the shed, just need to run an Ethernet cable down from my network HDD in the house!

De-Havilland aircraft works historic images

These are pages from an unknown magazine, date also unknown, but they show a nice insight into aircraft production in the De-Havilland factory.

We found these images when going through my grandfathers things, after we sadly lost him recently.

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file

Home Made DIY – CNC Milling Machine – Axminster X1

My friend Andy added these stepper motors to his Axminster Milling Machine.

The motor drive boards and their 24V PSU are mounted inside his computer case, and motors are connected via XLR plugs on the front, a really neat job, using a spare CD bay and blank. Cabling to the motors needs finishing off, but that’s just the last bit of detail.

He used the machine manually to make the motor mounting brackets.

This video is just a test run of a tool path, but shows the bed moving nicely.

He has just bought the small lathe that’s next to the mill, and will be CNC’ing that too. Nice idea to put the XLR connectors on the PC case, as the new motors on the lathe will be wired also with XLR’s, so the control boards and PC can be used on either machine!

He’ll use the machine in CNC to make the brackets for the Lathe’s motors.

This is what he does with it….

 ….in order to make these fighting robots!!

Rammstein tonight!

Our first night out in ages;

We've arranged for Emily's grandparents to babysit, and have the concert tickets for Rammstein at Birmingham LG arena (NEC)!

Thanks to Matt and Rachel for getting the tickets! Just a few hours to go – Can't wait!

It's going to be hard for Jo to be away from Emily for the first long period of time, I remember my first day back at work very clearly….

Spitfire Corner: St Mawgan airfield / Newquay Cornwall

It took these photos back 23rd September 2010 on a trip to Newquay. I’d passed this Spitfire many times before on the way to Newquay, and always meant to stop for a look.

This day I did stop, there was an additional replica Spitfire on a trailer parked outside the house grounds! I’d never seen this one before!
Also a Canberra cockpit snuggled in next to the house, plus many aviation artifacts, including crashed propellers, engine crankshafts, undercarriage etc…

There is a sign saying in order to have a close look, you need to book an appointment – I may endeavour to do this the next time I’m down that way! Here’s the website: