How to change a wheel bearing in under 4 minutes!

I’ve just replaced a rear wheel bearing in the GTE, and put together this mildly amusing video of it!


DC6 DINER @ Coventry Airport

Recently opened, this quirky place to dine outreally impressed me… this old DC6 was originally a cargo plane, recently reitred, it’s now been transformed into a unique restaurant!

The aircraft still stands on it’s inflated tyres, and duly sways in the breeze! it’s still 100% complete, all engines, etc.. are still present. The cockpit is illumiated for dinner guests to view. 

Food was better than expected, mainly Grill dinners, the steaks were exceptional.

The Diner forms part of “Airbase“, Coventry’s actively flying air museum, so the views form the starboard side are of the Nimrod, Shackleton, Hawker Hunter, Canberra various DC3’s etc… 

Thumbs up to a striving new local business! :o)