New wheels for the Astra GTE

After my unlucky journey where I lost 2 tyres, I took it as an opportunity to fit some more sensible wheels! So a bit of emergency eBay and forum hunting, I located a set if Speedline Alessios, unfortunately located in Braintree, Essex…. I drove down in my wife’s car to collect them, and was home by midnight… next task is to sell my 17″ wheels.

The seller had in has garage one if the most amazing mk2 Astra GTE’s I’ve ever seen. C20LET engine, very nicely restored body, fresh parts and paint… it was stunning, and a privilege to have a look round.

He’d attended the Billing VBOA (Vauxhall Bedford Owners Association) rally this year, and said there were only 12 mk2 Astra GTE’s at the show! Getting very rare these days…