Home Made DIY – CNC Milling Machine – Axminster X1

My friend Andy added these stepper motors to his Axminster Milling Machine.

The motor drive boards and their 24V PSU are mounted inside his computer case, and motors are connected via XLR plugs on the front, a really neat job, using a spare CD bay and blank. Cabling to the motors needs finishing off, but that’s just the last bit of detail.

He used the machine manually to make the motor mounting brackets.

This video is just a test run of a tool path, but shows the bed moving nicely.

He has just bought the small lathe that’s next to the mill, and will be CNC’ing that too. Nice idea to put the XLR connectors on the PC case, as the new motors on the lathe will be wired also with XLR’s, so the control boards and PC can be used on either machine!

He’ll use the machine in CNC to make the brackets for the Lathe’s motors.

This is what he does with it….

 ….in order to make these fighting robots!!


Axminster WD16B2 pillar drill assembly

I finally got to assemble my pillar drill last night. It’s been in bits under the bench for ages, glad to get it done at last.


Because it’s such a heavy bugger, especially the drill head, and I was on my own, I had to be a bit inventive trying to get the drill head on.

I first of all tried just straight lifting it ontop of the column, but I’m no muscle man, so no chance.

I then thought about assembling it on it’s side and then standing it up, I had to use my hydraulic car jack, but this only got so far and I had to give up again.


The method that did work was to lay it on it’s back, then I climbed onto the bench and lifted it up.

My advice is to get someone to help, these drills are really heavy!

It’s turned out to be quite big on my workbench, and kind of dominates the shed, so I think I’ll make a lower wooden stand to the side of the bench. Which of course means moving it again….