Saddest VW Camper Van I’ve ever seen!

Spotted this camper while stuck in traffic in Hull.
It looks like it had been in a hedgerow for 40 years… the body had rotted away from the floorpan, and dropped to ground level! Either that, or it was just really lowered!


VW Golf GTI 115bhp Exhaust Fault Finding

After the engine light coming on, I read the fault code, below:


The advice given for code 16804 was to check the inlet and exhaust for leaks… and we could hear a blowing from the engine area, so I set about finding the fault!

It’s hard to find a leak on an engine that’s running, as the exhaust is really hot! So I improvised using a camp-bed air pump shoved up the exhaust pipe!! And with the addittion of some Fairy Liquid as a substitute to “Snoop“, I found several leaks! ….along with a wet camera and very wet T-Shirt!


Cheers, Scott