Damn Barclaycard over-charging me

My letter to Barclaycard ( WR@barclaycard.co.uk ):

Dear Sir / Madam,

I've been a good customer, I pay the full amount on a monthly basis, I like to make cashback out of my Credit Card. I don't like borrowing money and paying interest. So one could argue, I'm Barclaycards worst nightmare, and you'd be glad to get rid of me.

I recently called customer service to change the account that the Direct Debit is taken from. The new account is a joint account, so Barclaycard wanted both signatures from me and my wife. They sent us a letter to set up the new DD, which we both signed and returned to a Northampton address. This letter seems to have got lost or not actioned by Barclaycard.

Next thing – I get a reminder email today saying I'm late on my payments!!! WHAT THE!!?!?!?

I called Barclaycard just now to ask what's going on. The representative cancelled the late payment fee (for today) and the interest charged for the period (£27), but would only take a minimum payment of £52.86. He then said I have to wait 48 hours to pay the rest of the balance (in which time Barclaycard will try to charge me for interest for this period and yet more late payment fees).

I said to him I want to cancel my Barclaycard and pay off the balance. This again has to wait 48hours. WHY?!

This is ridiculous. I simply want to pay off all the balance. Why do I have to wait TWO days while you make more interest, and charge more late payment fees?

I was originally a Morgan Stanley customer, and the take-over by Barclaycard has only resulted in disappointment and aggravation. Morgan Stanley's Glasgow office were a pleasure to deal with. Barclaycard has been appalling.

Please don't charge me for YOUR mistake of loosing my information

I know you won't care if I leave Barclaycard, as I'm only one customer; but the grief you've caused to a new family with a 3 month old baby, and only one salary to feed 3 mouths, is simply appalling.

Regards, Scott.